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There is a new support hall in the minigame room, there you can get all the help, including questions and bug reports. Thank you.


Polaric is going to be a the first planetary god game to be in 2D (Allows faster rendering) This is going to  take two years to make and will hopefully be realesed in 2016 summer. Polaric is also going to be the first game in the new company, enclo creations. If you wish to make a game with enclo creations go to If people donate, the game will hopefully be free for all Windows users (Then later, Mac and Linux users)

Polaric is a planetary god game. You’ll start out with the beginning of the beginning, the Big Bang. You will spend a good chunk of time making the atom and customizing it to where it will form the Big bang. Then you will be redirected to a planet. You will create water and all the elements you like, for example, lets say I want to make an element called Polar,  I will get the choice to make it solid, liquid or a gas. Then ill get even more choices to customize the new element. Then you will get to place your new element on whatever part of earth it belongs in. After you create all your elements, you will begin a new mission, create life. When you create life, it’s not going to be something big like a monkey or a human, but bacteria. The first organism on earth. You will begin to customize their eyes so they can see more than just a faint piece of light. You will then beginning making dinosaurs, and watch as they die from asteroids. (poor them D:) Then a new species, the monkey will be formed. You will see how this species has great mental capabilities, and you will evolve their brain. You will see as they have to fight the other animals on the earth, and you will help them in ways you can. Lets say they were attacking an animal, then lightning strikes, the animal runs away and the human survives. Those are basically the things they will do. After many man hours invested in the game, your little humans will venture out into space, in search of another planet and life. The next part of the story is up to you.

To create this game, we will need not a lot of funding, since this game will be made out of complete dedication of the people involved in it. Though, to improve the technology we work with and the potential quality of the game, we would be glad to have some donations. To keep you up to date with the game press news up above. We have one community page but right now its only a small chat. Press community to acess that. To donate, press the donate page. Thank you for your corparation -partenpate -Owner of enclo creation industries-

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